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Mount Windows or Ubuntu on an USB on Windows

It is quite simple and very useful nowadays when the CD/DVD-Player is no longer available on laptops due to its size. The first thing we need to do is get the operating system, to download Ubuntu press here and to buy Windows here, both completely legal.

  • Mount Windows on an USB on Windows:

  1. Plug an USB (with 8GB storage is enough). Now we need to open a terminal. Press the home button and write "cmd". Right click on "cmd.exe" and select “Execute as  administrator”.
  2. We have now the terminal, introduce in to it "Diskpart" and another terminal will appear.
  3. Write “List Disk”. All the devices will be shown included hard disks with format "NTFS" or "FAT".
  4. Write “Select Disk Number“. The size of them is the reference to select the one you want to use. There should be no doubt but in case you have, just let plugged the usb you want to choose and select the one with the lowest storage size.
  5. Write “Clean”. This will delete all the data on the USB.
  6. Write “Create partition primary”. It creates a primary partition in order to mark later the USB as bootable.
  7. Write “Active”. Marks the primary partition as bootable.
  8. Write “Format fs=fat32 quick”. Formats the USB on “FAT32″.
  9. Write “Assign”. Confirm the modifications made until now.
  10. Write “Exit”. Close the terminal.
  11. The "hard" part was done. Now we just have to copy the content of the Windows CD to the USB. If we have an .iso image, just emulate it and copy the content to the USB.
  • Mount Ubuntu on an USB on Windows:

  1. In this case we will use a program called Unetbootin, very useful to mount Linux dristributions, you can download it here directly, or on the main website for newer versions of Unetbootin.
  2. Execute the .exe file and the next image will appear.
  3. There are different options: Download a Linux distribution of all that are offered, quite a lot, included Ubuntu and its different versions.

    Once the distribution is select we will be allow to select the version.

    The other option is to choose an .iso image previously downloaded.

    Any option is good, but in this case we will select the .iso image downloaded from the Ubuntu website. Select the USB device, in my case is the G:\ unit. Press "Acept" and the process of mounting the image will start.

  4. Once it is finished Unetbootin will offer us two options: Restart or Exit.
  5. Press "Exit" and unplug the USB. We have Ubuntu ready to install via USB.
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